Workspace on-demand. Whenever, wherever.

Bentigo is a network of exciting venues welcoming mobile workers plus an online service to find these. Many are open to book and pay for – per seat, by the hour including coffee, wifi and more.

It's your workspace on-demand, around the corner or wherever you happen or like to be. Created in Sweden, catering initially to 400.000+ mobile workers in Stockholm.

Try out the beta. It's free to use – no registering or installations required.

Research shows that working in nice settings can improve performance with up to 50%. We make this possible for you by providing a selection of creative and inspirational places – many bookable per seat, by the hour.

Use it to escape the office, stopover at or to have some facetime with others. Bentigo gives you more freedom and less commuting while mother Earth gets less emissions

We're not open for marriage, but love engagement. 
Please, connect!


Featured venues in Stockholm

Find, book and pay for spectacular places!

Go to and search by area or category to get suggestions on places matching your taste.

Venues bookable by the hour comes first, followed by others – just recommended for ’drop-in’.

You'll find any bookable seats via the calendar pane on the landing page of each venue providing such.

Creative settings for drop-in or seats bookable by the hour.

Bentigo is made primarily for mobile work every now and then— and not necessarily full workdays. It's complementary to working at the office or at home and an alternative to those buzy coffeeshops.

Bentigo workplaces are found in creative environments like hotels, museums or castles. Many provide seats bookable by the hour including coffee & more while others are just recommended for free drop-in.

Fly coach or first!

Some of the seats bookable by the hour include just coffee, water and wifi at a slightly lower rate, up to SEK 100.

Others being more exclusive, bundling in more services, snacks and drinks, at a higher price.

It’s like flying coach or first. 

Working mobile—A global movement with sustainability impact

Permanent office workspaces - sometimes as big as student apartments - are used just over 10% of the hours in a week. This is going on in growing cities where many people lack space to live. That's certainly not the most sustainable way to use space.

If we instead shared workspaces in combination with working from new places, we would free up space that could be used for much-needed housing. Another sustainability aspect is that when we spend less time and energy commuting to and from permanent workspaces we contribute to reduced emissions. It’s smart, saves time and planet.

Bentigo is Created in Sweden, following proud traditions of companies like IKEA, Spotify and Klarna, delivering solutions to simplify or enrich peoples lives rather than being ’just another’ product or service. Read more about Created in Sweden and the new open source S-mark. 

Improve yourself!

Places matter — a lot, yet it's only one of many areas that affect happiness and outcome from work.

”The Work Context” include, apart from places: You, time, people, insights and tools. Apart from providing inspirational places, we share insights on other things that will improve your professional life. You'll find them all in the Bentigo Insights section.